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Webinar Jam Studio is a software-as-a-service platform that adds powerful features to configure, market and conduct your Google+ Hangout. The service is provided by respected Internet Marketer, Mike Filsaime, along with his parters Andy Jenkins and Hector Yague. Google Hangouts is Google's video chat platform where you can have up to 10 participants interacting in a private chat environment.


  • Simple user-interface
  • Powerful marketing features (registration, email/text reminders, pop-up offers, etc.)
  • Audience interaction features (chat, polls)
  • Integrates with Google+ Hangouts using Google API
  • Inexpensive cost compared to Go to Webinar and other business-quality webinar services


  • Hosting webinars on Webinar Jam Studio site limits branding possibilities
  • Lack of templates to customize for webinars hosted on your own site
  • Currently not able to host Google+ Hangout/webinar as a Page. Must use individual Google+ profile.

Webinar Jam Studio is a software-as-a-service platform that adds powerful features to configure, market and conduct your Google+ Hangout. The service is provided by respected Internet Marketer, Mike Filsaime, along with his partners Andy Jenkins and Hector Yague. Google Hangouts is Google’s video chat platform where you can have up to 10 participants interacting in a private chat environment.

If you want to do a public broadcast, you’ll want to conduct a Google+ Hangout on Air which is what Webinar Jam Studio creates. Hangouts on Air are limited to 10 participants as well, but you can have unlimited viewers. If you’ve never created or participated in a Google+ Hangout on Air before, you’ll need to do several things first including creating and linking your Google+ account to your YouTube account.

The process is fairly simple and will take less than 5 minutes to do. If you’d like to learn more about Google+ Hangouts in general, there are many training courses available.

Now on to the Webinar Jam Studio review!

User Interface

After logging into the Webinar Jam Studio members area, you are presented with a control panel that allows you to:

  1. View the configurations for any webinars you’ve created with the software;
  2. Create a brand new webinar; or
  3. View the analytics for any webinars that have been completed. After clicking on the “New Webinar” link you are presented with the following screen.

As you can see there are several steps laid out vertically. Each step must be completed in sequence to create and configure the options available for running and marketing your webinar. If you get stuck or confused, each step also has an accompanying video tutorial that describes what to do in the step in order to complete it.

Webinar Jam Control Panel

Configuring a webinar can be completed within 10-30 minutes depending on how much information you have to enter into your registration page and follow-up/notification emails. Following is an in-depth video walkthrough that I did of how to configure the Webinar Jam Studio software to create a webinar.

Marketing Features

What makes Webinar Jam Studio truly unique is the marketing features that it adds to convert a regular Google+ Hangout into a webinar-like experience. This is done in several ways.

First, the in-house templates create registration, thank you, countdown, live event and webinar replay pages. This sales-like funnel helps create a professional experience for your attendees something like they may have experienced with other webinar platforms like Go To Webinar.

Webinar Jam Registration Page

Second, Webinar Jam Studio integrates with email, text and autoresponder providers that allow you to keep in touch with your attendees both before and after the webinar. This is a powerful integration as it allows for many options including reminder notifications and even emails after the webinar for people that may have missed the live broadcast. This truly provides multiple touch points for you to communicate your message to your attendees while “warming them up” to any offers you may make in your webinar.

Third, the software also allows pop-in messages (with graphics and links) to appear both during the webinar broadcast and afterwards on the replay page. This is an amazing feature as it allows you to present offers at exactly the moment you want during the presentation.

Webinar Jam Offer Popup

Fourth, you can monetize your webinar in two ways:

  1. You can charge a fee for people to register for the webinar. The software allows you to link your registration form to your payment processor which for most people would be PayPal;
  2. You can make a sales offer to attendees and create a “call-to-action” message via the pop-in functionality mentioned above. You can even track sales by placing a piece of html code that the software provides into your product order thank you page.

Fifth, the Webinar Jam Studio dashboard showcases the robust analytics built in the software. You can view your sales figures, revenue generated, earnings per click, earnings per attendee and even traffic numbers highlighting how many people attended your live event and replay pages.

Webinar Jam Analytics View 1
Webinar Jam Analytics View 2

The only down-side from a marketing perspective is that if you want to use the Webinar Jam Studio in-house templates and chat, polls and pop-up features in your broadcast, you’ll need to let Webinar Jam Studio host it on their Website. This is a bummer from a branding perspective as it would be cool to host everything on your own Website. But this is not a deal killer as most webinar attendees will be used to that already if they’ve ever attended a “Go To Webinar” webinar.


When you’re ready to broadcast the live webinar, you’ll find that the software integrates with Google+ Hangouts seamlessly. This is partly due to the fact that Webinar Jam Studio incorporates the Google Hangouts API, which is a BIG plus. After connecting to Google+ and launching the hangout, you’ll see that the Webinar Jam Studio app is loaded into the Google+ Hangouts control dashboard.

This allows you to access and manage the chat, polls, pop-in and attendee messaging/ban features directly from the hangouts dashboard. All of these features, with a little practice, can help create an engaging webinar-like experience.

Now anyone that’s conducted a webinar before knows that it’s best to have a team member manage the audience interaction (polls, chat, Q&A, etc.) while you focus on your presentation. Luckily Webinar Jam Studio allows for multiple presenters to have admin access to the control dashboard as well.


Google+ Hangouts is a powerful video chat platform that enables people to communicate easily with each other via their computer webcam, smartphone or tablet. But what it lacks are features to make the platform enterprise-ready to give it a webinar-like experience. Webinar Jam Studio fills this gap with its robust marketing features and presentation add-ons.

Compared to popular webinar services like Go To Webinar, the $397.00/year purchase price is pretty inexpensive considering the fact that you can have unlimited attendees depending if you use YouTube Live (formerly Google+ Hangouts). Some webinar services charge $500/month for up to 1,000 people to attend your webinar event.

Now if you can live with the fact that all of the best options of the software can only be used if you host the webinar on Webinar Jam Studio’s site and not your own, Webinar Jam Studio is the solution for you.


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